Ice Age 4 : Keke Palmer “Experience” Includes Music, Travel & and Crushes… But Not Sharks!

560127_301169073300493_680547904_nYou’ve seen her before – the young star inAkeelah and the Bee is turning 19 this August. Keke Palmer is back for her new role as “Peaches” in an icy adventure this summer: Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.Keke launched the San Diego Zoo’s Ice Age 4D: Dawn of the Dinosaurs experience, a family-friendly 14-minute show that comes to life through perfectly synchronized special effects including snow, bubbles, wind, scents, mist, lighting and a surprise for all whose legs are long enough to touch the ground! The zoo also introduces unique animals which descended from the critters shown in the movie.

“I was so amazed!” Keke says. “I’ve heard the term 4D before, but I guess I really didn’t get the gist of it. Not only is it 3D, but you get to feel things, you get to smell things. I was so impressed and I wish it was longer because it was so much fun!”

292651_301183746632359_165730338_nIn the latest addition to the Ice Age franchise, Keke voices Peaches, Ellie’s (Queen Latifah) teenage mammoth. Manny, Sid, Diego and the rest of the fun-loving extended family embark on a journey across the seas filled with scary encounters with the ocean inhabitants. (Keke pictured with Scrat, Sid and reporter Cassandra H. to the right).Keke is absolutely positive she does not want to run into a shark during an ocean swim.

“I’d be too devastated,” she laughs, reconsidering. “If I was eaten up, I probably wouldn’t be thinking to be devastated!”

Along with baby Peaches suddenly entering adolescence, our quirky mammoth experiences her first crush on a handsome love interest. Of course a mammoth crush and a schoolgirl crush (including several that Keke herself has gone through) have nothing at all in common… or do they?

“I have to tell you, they’re quite the same,” Keke says. “Well, just besides from her being a wooly mammoth and besides from her being very, very big and hairy, Peaches is much like your normal young girl who’s growing up, having crushes, and going through those normal adolescence things. It’s just her way. I think a lot of kids will be able to relate to what Peaches is going through even though she is a wooly mammoth.”

DSC_0074Keke takes after Peaches in her independence and zeal for something new. Her new Nickelodeon movie “Rags,” a musical twist on the Cinderella story, premiered on May 28 – and not only did she shine in the main role alongside co-star Max Schneider, but she was also a producer of the movie.

“Being a producer has always been something I wanted to do outside of just acting. I really wanted to have something to do with the creative process of making the film and the characters, and the music,” she explained.

Besides the classic Cinderella fairytale element, music was also a very important component that brought her on.

“Music is huge for me and we had Rodney Jerkins to produce the whole soundtrack,” Keke says. “He’s an amazing producer and has produced for millions of people: Brandy, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, everyone. And so to have him come on board and really added that music flair to the movie. I had fun because I got to sing and do what I love, something other than acting.”

Even outside of her career, Keke is inquisitive about the different cultures of the world. She’s been bitten by the travel bug!

photo-29“There are a lot of different places I’d like to go [this summer],” Keke reflects. “Some places are just for [sight]seeing and shopping, and other places to look around and learn something new. I love to go to Africa and I love to go to Japan. There’s always an adventure somewhere.”

Embark on an adventure this summer with your family to Ice Age: Continental Drift, floating into theaters on July 13! Or, enjoy the Ice Age 4D: Dawn of the Dinosaurs experience at the San Diego Zoo — where else are you going to see real elephants playng in snow?

 First Published @Keke Palmer Interview @ Kidspickflicks

About Cassandra Hsiao

Cassandra Hsiao is a senior at OCSA (Orange County School of the Arts). Her work has been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and National Student Poets Program. She has been chosen as finalists of playwriting competitions held by California Young Playwrights, The Blank Theatre, Writopia Labs, and Princeton University. Her poetry, essays and reviews have appeared in TeenReads, Jet Fuel Review, Feminine Inquiry, Aerie International and more. She also conducts print and on-camera interviews as a Star Reporter and Film Critic for multiple online outlets. She won a National Gracie Award in Student Online Video Host Category by The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation .

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  1. Great review Cassandra. The movie sounds exciting. I love the Ice Age series and looking forward to this new one.

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