Now You See Me Movie Review

Now You See Me has been my most anticipated movie of the entire year. I must have watched the trailer more than twenty times and I even figured out the online Diamond Heist Challenge, a series of clues that reveal exclusive videos when unlocked. Needless to say, my heart pounded with excitement as the movie began.

“The Four Horsemen” are the world’s greatest team of magicians – but their magic is played out on a global scale. During their magic shows, this Robin Hood-esque group steals from the corrupted rich business owners and showers the profits on their audiences, all the while eluding the clutches of an elite FBI team.

This cat-and-mouse game kept me on the edge of my seat for nearly the entire movie. There are thrilling pursuits through the streets of cities all over the world, a nail-biting car chase sequence, fist fights sprinkled with magic, and, of course, the illusions. One thing I learned from this movie is that magic always has logical but fascinating explanations. In creating magic, this movie debunks magic at the same time, leaving the audiences exhilarated and amazed at the pure genius of magicians. Nonetheless, I kept waiting for something bigger to happen, but even though my wishes weren’t answered, the magic of the movie still left me breathless. The soundtrack captivates, perfect with the pacing.

Characters could have been better developed. Although the movie stars an A-list cast, the acting is mediocre. However, I especially enjoyed Jesse Eisenberg’s performance as Atlas, the showman of the Four Horsemen. His tight, smug personality is so enjoyable to watch, especially when he appears completely unfazed when confronted by the law. Morgan Freeman is noteworthy as Thaddeus Bradley, the magic debunker who exposes magicians for his own gain. Dave Franco plays Jack Wilder, the sleight of hand, and he has an epic fight scene with Mark Ruffalo’s character, Dylan Rhodes, the FBI agent. Ruffalo steals the spotlight – his acting is top-notch.

The dialogue is sharp, witty, cutting and sarcastic, with all the characters in the movie thinking they are better than everyone else. I have to admit; I never saw the climatic plot twist coming, so cleverly disguised in the unpredictable screenplay. At its core, the film is like illusion after illusion – dazzling, amazing, and astounding the audiences – you never know what the movie has up its sleeve. After I left the theater, I kept replaying scenes in my mind to see it from a whole new perspective. Audiences will be sure to gasp at the twists and marvel “ahh” when tricks are smartly revealed.

Now You See Me offers an exciting, if not satisfying, summer blockbuster. It electrifies with magic and yet, the plot is reasonably believable. The movie moves at a fast pace from tricks to daring impossible heists. If magicians like the Four Horsemen existed, I would be their biggest fan. Now You See Me is recommended for ages 11+ due to the profanity and inappropriate jokes (which will probably fly over kids’ heads). Witness the spectacular magic in theaters, May 31, and finish the famous saying – Now You See Me…

Now you don’t.

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About Cassandra Hsiao

Cassandra Hsiao is a senior at OCSA (Orange County School of the Arts). Her work has been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and National Student Poets Program. She has been chosen as finalists of playwriting competitions held by California Young Playwrights, The Blank Theatre, Writopia Labs, and Princeton University. Her poetry, essays and reviews have appeared in TeenReads, Jet Fuel Review, Feminine Inquiry, Aerie International and more. She also conducts print and on-camera interviews as a Star Reporter and Film Critic for multiple online outlets. She won a National Gracie Award in Student Online Video Host Category by The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation .

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  1. MARK RUFFALO. I can’t wait to see this! :D

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