Ginnifer Goodwin Talks To Us About Her Love For All Things Disney!

IMG_3830It’s no secret that Ginnifer Goodwin, star of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, is a massive Disneyphile. In fact, she couldn’t be happier if she worked for Disney the rest of her life. Playing iconic character Snow White on OUAT is already a dream come true, and now as the voice of Fawn in the 6th installment of the Tinker Bell franchise, Goodwin has experience in both live-action and animation acting for Disney—every actor’s dream.

In Tinker Bell and the NeverBeast, animal fairy Fawn meets a beast unbeknownst to the history of Pixie Hollow. Though he appears menacing at first with his armadillo-like tail, giant teeth, and mysterious green eyes, Fawn discovers his playful side and affectionately names him Gruff. However, the rest of the fairy world sees him as a danger to life as they know it. It’s up to Fawn to learn how to use both her heart and her head to save both Gruff and Pixie Hollow.

Opposing Fawn is Nyx, a scout fairy determined to do what it takes to protect Pixie Hollow. Neither Fawn or Nyx is wrong, and this Tinker Bell movie does not have a defined “bad guy.” Goodwin spoke about how in Once Upon A Time and in other media, there is a continuous trend of redefining what it means to be an antagonist.

There’s so much information accessible to all of us now about everything that I think the world is becoming less and less black-and-white. We are understanding that people’s reasons behind the choices that they’re making because they’re so many outlets for them to express themselves. Our storytelling has to reflect that or it wouldn’t be relevant anymore.

Tinker Bell has certainly evolved to be much more relevant in that respect. The success of the franchise proves that audiences are enraptured by these characters who are far from being paper cutouts. Goodwin shared that the franchise tugs at heartstrings equally as the feature films that are released theatrically.

They appeal to absolutely any age, and this particular movie to either gender. They have a way of teaching morals to young people in a way that isn’t preachy or self-conscious. You want to live in these worlds with these characters and you want to be friends with them. They’re so creative and they really take your imaginations to its limit. What’s not to like about that?

Goodwin and Fawn share many personality traits—kind, compassionate, impulsive. It doesn’t escape OUAT fans that her character on the TV show also shares a similar personality.

Today I’ve thought about the fact that coming from a fantasy world where anything is possible—which is the world that I’ve always played—certainly helped liberate myself for Fawn’s world. As far as her qualities go, I think that all my characters really share a lot of the same characteristics and that just comes with my playing them and being cast to play certain aspects of myself over and over again, which I really enjoy.

Goodwin said that she would be happy playing any character in the future—as long as it was Disney.

I will happily peep as a mouse in the corner. I’ve told [Disney] repeatedly, if they will continue to hire me, I will happily do nothing else again ever. I far prefer this life to any other… It’s an honor. Working for Disney is the pinnacle. I do not think there is better storytelling than the storytelling at Disney. I don’t think anyone has been able to tell stories with so much heart and evolved messages… and take such flawed characters and make them so admirable and relatable at the same time as Disney has. They’ve done this through history, beginning with Walt and continuing through the work of John Lasseter.

Ever since she moved to Los Angeles in 2003, she has auditioned for all of Disney’s animated films, and after ten years, it paid off. This truly shows her love for Disney, as well as the unspeakable amount of merchandise in her house.

I have a lot of all Disney merchandise and was told I have to get that under control.

She teased what’s coming next for second half of Once Upon A Time’s 4th season, picking up in March 2015.

I think it will be one of our darker half seasons, which I’m ecstatic about because I went back to work full time post-baby for the second half of the season. I’ve gotten to be far more a part of the second half storyline. It’s ruled by the Queens of Darkness, the trio of terror.

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