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ptWhether you consider yourself an artist or not, everyone will be able to appreciate some part of the work and imagination shown in Paul Taylor: Creative Domain. The film follows the composition of legendary choreographer Paul Taylor’s 133th dance, titled “Three Dubious Memories.” It’s an exclusive glimpse into a mysterious, elusive artist’s mind as he commands the attention of the dance room with just a few words. He gives the dancers space to contribute their talents and ideas, inspiring them to embody core emotions. Every rehearsal presents new challenges, such as off-center blocking or balance struggles, but there is something magical about watching a master slowly walk through the same movements as his dancers.

I love the arts. At the core of dance lies the same foundation for the rest of the arts—telling a story and evoking emotion in the audience. It is fascinating to see the meticulous notes Mr. Taylor enters rehearsal with and the fact that he allows enough scope for inspired changes and improvised collaboration. I admire the dancers’ complete dedication to bringing his vision to life.

At the end, viewers get to see the whole dance performed on stage. It has width, depth, and room for interpretation. The dance changed emotions as fast as a light switch and I can only imagine what it must be like to experience that feeling live. What hit me the hardest, however, was that out of the 133 dances Mr. Taylor choreographed, he was only truly happy with one. Paul Taylor: Creative Domain makes me want to be a better artist in every way possible.


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