About Me

13161765_1005011279582932_510998215003657840_oHello and thank you for visiting the Star Rapture Blog, a place where fantasy meets reality.

I became a Scholastic Kid Reporter at the age of 11, stepping onto a red carpet and into the frame of a camera for the first time. Without any familial connections to the journalism industry, I was thrust into a place where I became braver. As the youngest journalist surrounded by professionals, I learned to communicate with people from all walks of life—not only the interviewees, but also nifty publicists and journalists setting up their cameras next to the only kid on the carpet.

After my stint with Scholastic Kids Press Corps, I intern as a Film Critic for Crixit.com (formerly kidspickflicks.com), a Star Reporter for Fanlala.com and BYOUmagazine.com, and a journalist for the Los Angeles Times High School Insider and a student blogger for Broadway World (broadwayworld.com) BroadwayWorld.com — the largest theater site on the net with over 5 million monthly viewers!

I thank God for my abundant and fruitful life. He blesses me with a supportive, loving family, amazing wacky friends, and jaw-dropping opportunities!

Visit my pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/starreporter/


  1. Jill Suzanne Hatcher

    You’re a great writer, Cassandra! Thanks for sharing with me!
    Blessings! Sincerely, Mrs. Hatcher

  2. hi cassandra! i know, psshht im the an “amazing wacky” friend right?

  3. thnx for telling me about ur star rapture last school year. i luv ur blog. it’s cool you get to meet celeberties.

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