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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters interview




Mindless Behavior : Around the World movie review

ImageAt last, what Mindless Behavior fans have been waiting for – the opportunity to experience the American boy band’s journey to stardom. All Around the World is their inspiring documentary that showcases talent, tears, laughter and insight into the story of how the teen sensations were put together at an open casting call. The band has sparked a “Mindless Movement” with their mix of R&B, pop, and hip-hop harmonies as well as their smooth, cool, slick dance moves.

Fans will be thrilled at the 86 minutes of what goes on behind-the-scenes of Mindless Behavior’s life. I went to the screening not knowing much about the band and their music. Now, I certainly respect and admire them for their dedication and passion for what they do.

The movie includes never-before-seen footage of band members Prodigy, Roc Royal, Princeton, and Ray Ray. As a documentary, it follows in the steps of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. It could even be a cut higher due to the fact that we see the band’s tears, laughter, hardships alongside success. The movie didn’t need fancy 3D to make viewers feel like they’re in a concert. I could already connect emotionally with Mindless Behavior. They’re simply talented, hardworking teenagers who are truly following their love of dance and music.

Videos and baby pictures of the band will make the theater coo “aww” and laugh out loud. I was impressed at the raw talent the band showed off even at the tender age of six, freestyle dancing their hearts out.

The movie follows how each of the members was recruited and concludes with their world tour. They all had to make big sacrifices to be a part of the band – from waking up at early hours, to rigorous workouts, to life on the road. I was even brought to tears (and so was my dad) at a certain poignant moment during MB’s tour.

All Around the World shows Mindless Behavior to be a dedicated band that works hard to give fans what they want. The documentary shows them spending time with their fans, inspiring them to be “mindless,” which is to be confident no matter who is watching. MB also reveals that before every performance, they huddle with the crew and pray for God’s blessings and favor.

The movie will surely unleash a wave of Mindlessness all around the world, making fans feel like they’re touring with Mindless Behavior. In fact, it might even make you “mindless!”

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The Odd Life of Timothy Green Review: “Odd” “Whimsical” “Enchanting”

Reviewed by Star Reporter Cassandra H    August 07, 2012

5 Stars

Earthy and ethereal at the same time, this feel-good Disney summer movie directed by Peter Hedges will sweep you off your feet. You may not have heard much about this film, but it is certainly a true gem that I didn’t expect.

Cindy and Jim Green (Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton), a married couple, bury a box of their greatest wishes for their dream child, expecting to move on after finding Cindy cannot conceive. However, when a young quirky boy Timothy Green (CJ Adams) magically sprouts from the garden, Cindy and Jim along with the rest of their small town of Stanleyville realize that the unexpected is a miracle that must be cherished.

This “dramedy” gracefully switches gears between two emotions, which had me laughing heartily one moment and sniffling in the next. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the family and root for the Greens to succeed through the joys and sorrows of life.

Timothy Green is not just a force of nature, but he brings a breeze of tender feeling that parents can relate to. Cindy and Jim aren’t perfect parents, but they shine light on a different perspective of parenthood: they don’t want their child to be perfect, but they want his childhood to be perfect.

As for the leading cast, Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton’s on-screen chemistry is believable as the blundering, loving, and humorous Green couple. CJ Adams (Timothy Green) has a special twinkle in his eyes that is innocent, silly, and touching, capturing my heart from the start.

The fantastic supporting cast presents the town’s citizens as real, down-to-earth people who each have their own faults – a reality rarely reflected in a magical tale.

One especially stood out to me – newcomer Odeya Rush plays Timothy’s love interest, Joni Jerome, bringing a certain vibrancy and radiance to her character. Their friendship is a refreshing break from Hollywood’s shallow puppy-love romances.

Along with the splendid performances, I was also enchanted by the enthralling cinematography which will move audiences with marvelous shots of nature that showcase the visual analysis of the plot. The picturesque natural color palette astounded me as well.

This quiet little movie is directed towards parents, although the whole family can enjoy it together. The movie addresses many heartwarming themes, such as loyalty, honesty, and accepting others for who they are. Timothy brings out the best in others, and hopefully this movie will do the same. Younger viewers may not relate to the story, but teens, mom, and dad can walk out of the theater inspired to live a life worth living.

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THE WANTED Phone Interview

Check out my phone interview with THE WANTED !!!

Q: How are you guys doing today?

The Wanted: Just chilling! [laughter] Chatting away on the phone.

Q: The ICE AGE movies are really popular among American kids, were they a part of your childhood?

Nathan: Definitely, definitely. I think I’m fortunate enough to be in the stage where, uh, I have been lucky to grow up with these films and it’s by far quite the best-animated franchise. So now I’m very fortunate to be part of it. It’s very easy for kids to relate to the characters. It really gets across the message of how important family is.

Q: Nathan, you say that on your Twitter, you’re actually the real life Sid the Sloth. How do you identify with him?

Nathan: He usually says the wrong thing at the wrong time. And there’s the same looks between us. I usually do mess things up in awkward situations and I make people feel genuinely quite awkward. I do my best. [laughter]

Q: How was the making of the Ice Age video different from the making of your regular music video?

Siva: This video had a green screen. We’ve never worked with a green screen before, and we were standing on makeshift icebergs. It was fun. We made it in the afternoon, and there was this big power cut and we piled up the whole block. It was weird. The residents weren’t very happy.

Q: What was it like apologizing to the angry residents?

Max: It was in LA. They were a little bit angry, but we said they could come in and watch what we were doing in the darkness. When we finally got the lights back on they watched us film it and that really cheered them up. And the video is coming out next week, if you want to see it.

Q: How does chasing the sun link to Ice Age 4?

Jay: I think the part where they play it in the movie is pretty cool, where all the young guys are in this ravine, dancing around, they were going crazy, a little bit like partying. It’s a great moment and hopefully when they play it at the credits everyone’s spirit high. I hope they leave the movie still feeling good. We’ve seen the movie, so don’t be jealous.

Q: How was the movie?

Siva: Awesome. Really really funny. And Scrat, the little creature. He’s back again, with all his tricks. It’s just fun to watch. It’s a fresh funny movie.

Q: Manny, Sid and Diego find themselves in a whole different environment. They battle pirates, and different creatures. Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s scary. Since you’ve been thrown into the spotlight, what is the funniest and scariest experiences you’ve had in your new environment?

Nathan: Good question! I’d say the scariest moment that we’ve had, was when we first got together, we were playing very small venues. The most we played for was 77 kids. The next day, we played in front of 77 thousand people at Wembley Stadium. It was quite a jump from one extreme to the other. So that was quite a scary moment for us. As for funniest… I have a short memory, so I’d say that my funniest moment over the last few weeks is definitely watching the Ice Age films.

Q: Besides Ice Age 4, what’s your favorite movie for kids?

Jay: Asides from the three awesome Ice Age movies, I think that the Lion King is an original classic and it should always be watched by everyone.

Max: I think E.T. is a great one for kids.

Siva: Beauty and the Beast is also a good one.

Tom: Toy Story!

Nathan: Toy Story 3. It’s heartbreaking. I cried about five times when I was watching it.

Max: I’ll give you one more. Big, with Tom Hanks in it. It just shows that being a kid actually is great. It’s so important. And it shows that you don’t need to grow up too fast.

Q: What is the best thing about America?

Nathan: The people of America are so optimistic. So welcoming, so endearing. And you especially, you’re so cute!

Siva: I think America has a great spirit – if you put your mind to something, you can do anything you want. Kids in America do grow up thinking that if they want to be, they can be the President of the United States. That’s really cool. I’d say that the movies are amazing. For example, the Ice Age films.

Nathan: I’d like to say, not just because you’re so young and we’re being overly nice, but we’ve been doing interviews all morning and you’ve been by far the best. You’re really, really, really good. [Applause]

Q: What’s it like traveling together?

Max: It’s really cool. I think for Justin Bieber, he’s young and he’s on the road by himself, I think maybe he might get kinda lonely sometimes, but the fact that we’ve got each other, it’s so much easier and a lot more fun as well.

Q: Does it get awkward sometimes?

Jay: We’re like the pack in Ice Age. Each one has their different roles. There’s the awkward one – that’s Nathan. Of course there’s also the tough one, so Max looks after us. Everyone has their different roles and we all fit in nicely.

KeKe Palmer interview

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Exclusive interview with Nick Vujicic : Future Leaders Conquer New Heights

Nick Vujicic Youth Leadership Retreat

By Cassandra Hsiao

It’s happening all around the world especially among the young people. We hear about it everyday in the news – bullying, lying, stealing, dishonesty, etc. It all sums up into three words: crisis of character. Our generation’s future lies with the young leaders. Where can teenagers learn about all the aspects of leadership?

At Nick Vujicic’s youth leadership retreat, of course!

Nick Vujicic is an international motivational speaker. He was born without limbs and leads a ridiculously great life. His organization, Attitude is Altitude, planned the entire retreat, which lasted from Friday , May 4, to Sunday, May 6, 2012, located at Camp Whittier, a 55 acre resident camp hidden in the woodlands. The camp was especially designed for kids in grades 6-8, with fifty participants in all.

“The idea for this retreat was sparked by the desire to touch the lives of youth by interacting with them in a format that was more involved than a 60-minute talk,” described Daniela Munther, the director of the camp. She also contributed her effort and creativity by preparing the camp’s curriculum. “We wanted to offer an experience that equipped students with more life and leadership tools as well as more time with Nick.”

The three-day retreat consisted of a full day high and low ropes course, workshops, sessions, discussions, and fun-filled, challenging games and activities. The five different presentations challenged campers to think deeper about the meaning of leadership, find their identity as leaders, step out of their comfort zone, experience breakthroughs, and demonstrate character in their daily life.

“I’m just really excited to see all the activities effectively enforcing the importance of servant leaders, being a follower or a leader, and teamwork as well,” Nick said.  “Courage is also important. Half the kids here don’t want to do the high ropes. It’s pretty scary, doing something you’ve never done before, to actually stretch the limit a little bit. I want to let them know that they can accomplish more than they think they can if they give it a shot.”

Many of the campers agreed that the ropes course took them to whole new heights (literally).

“It was challenging but it was very fun,” said camper Grace Wu, age 13. “Even though there were some times when I wanted to get down as soon as possible, I pushed myself to the end and I’m glad I did, because the experience was amazing.”

Along with the flexibility of roles and courage in leadership, there are many other characteristics of a leader.

“First of all, it’s honesty. That goes hand-in-hand with integrity. As leaders, we need to be authentic. We need to be real. We want to make a difference in people’s lives. You have to have integrity, and you can’t be fake,” Nick reflected.

At the camp, teasing, even just for fun, was strictly prohibited.

“We have to respect ourselves in the right way, and then once you’ve learned how to respect yourself as a human being, then and only then you can love someone else. I asked some teenagers, ‘What if no one ever teased you? Would you ever bully anyone else?’ They said straight away, ‘Nope. If no one teased me, why would I tease anyone else?’ People tease because someone teases them.”

Nick’s reinforcement of no teasing set a safe and upbeat atmosphere in camp. In fact, the camp was such a big success that Altitude is Attitude might organize an international camp next year. Both counselors and campers can’t wait for the next camp! Everyone took away priceless experiences from camp.

“I really loved camp! I feel like I grew as a leader as much as the campers did,” exclaimed Alexa Valadez, one of the eight counselors. “There were a lot of challenges for me as well, for example, recognizing when to step back as a person in charge and letting the campers take control. It was really rewarding to see them turn into leaders.”

The campers also talked about their lessons learned.

“One part that stood out to me was when I learned that we had to be a serving leader and that we have to be open to their ideas,” said camper Carolyn Lee, age 13.

“The best part was learning more about how to become a better leader. Each person has their own individual talents and gifts that they can use in a shared leadership,” said camper Grace Wu. “Everyone can then pull together and they can form a good team.”

Daniela Munther (director) explained that young leaders are not just leaders of tomorrow, but also leaders of today.

“Not to train them up in leadership skills would be to rob our society of leaders.  And without leaders, we rob our society of something grand and invaluable – change!” Daniela emphasized. “It is important for young people to become leaders so that they can become catalysts for positive change in our world. Without their contribution, little will ever be accomplished.”

According to Nick Vujicic, the power of multiplication is priceless.

“We can actually be the difference. We all have a purpose in this world. We can make it a better place and it starts with us.”

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Girl in Progress, Cierra Ramirez & Raini Rodriguez

On the first day on the set of Girl in Progress, Cierra Ramirez had a serious case of stage fright. The pressure was on: the rising seventeen-year-old star was carrying the role of the main character on her shoulders.”Going into this, I thought I knew what I was doing, but when I got there, I realized that I had no clue. It was my first film, and I was the lead too, so all that pressure was just intimidating,” Cierra reflects.

In the new Mothers’ Day movie Girl in Progress,Cierra plays Ansiedad, a young teen who is tired of being pushed to the side by her irresponsible, distracted mother, Grace (Eva Mendes). While learning about coming of age stories in English class, she decides to turn into a “bad girl,” dump her best friend, hang with the bad boys, and grow up so she can leave home as soon as possible.”Eva Mendes really helped me conquer my fear. She treated me as an equal. The director, Patricia Riggen, especially helped to break down my character, which calmed my nerves,” she explains.Ansiedad maps out her entire plan of “growing up”, but sometimes, growing up means acting your age. “Try not to rush growing up,” says Cierra. “Enjoy these years and don’t get into anything you’re not ready for. Stay true to yourself.” In reality, all Ansiedad wants is the love and acknowledgement she feels she is lacking from her mother. “I think anyone can relate to the fact that as a human, you yearn to love, and to be loved in return,” Cierra relates.

Raini Rodriguez, who plays Ansiedad’s best friend Tavita, agrees. She stresses the importance of going after dreams and passions. “Love yourself first, find friends who love you, and then share your hobbies and interests,” she suggests.Raini’s passion is obviously acting, and she expresses herself with all her heart, even at home. “I like putting on a show for people. I like making them laugh. I love singing at talent shows and putting on plays at home and writing little scripts for myself.” Cierra also loves to sing. She always entered local singing competitions in her hometown, Houston, Texas (also Raini’s hometown). A competition came up in LA and it had another category – acting. Cierra had never considered acting before, and now, singing and acting have become her passion. “I love getting into a different character’s shoes, and becoming that character, but when I sing, I feel that it’s really me on stage. I love the applause at the end, and that’s what I strive for,” Cierra says. “I’m influenced by classic music like Etta James and I really love Amy Winehouse. I’m still influenced by the stuff you hear on the radio, so I’m trying to find a balance between the two.” Just like their characters were best friends, Raini and Cierra hung out on and off set. “It was weird – in the audition process, I just knew Raini was going to play Tavita. I’m psychic,” Cierra says with a mischievous grin. “She’s the funniest person ever.”

Raini tells KidsPickFlicks that her favorite flick is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which fits her personality – funny, bright, and bubbly. Raini is a Disney favorite – last year, she co-starred in Disney’s Prom and now, she plays the hilarious Trish on Disney Channel’s “Austin and Ally.” She explains that acting in a movie and acting on a TV show is very different. “For a TV show, you’re in the same location and you film there for the next five months, whereas in a movie, you’re jumping around from location to location,” she observes. “It takes about three months to film a movie, versus an episode of “Austin and Ally” which takes five days.” The mood is also very different. “On ‘Austin and Alley,’ we have a lot of upbeat and fun things we get into. The energy’s high and we’re running everywhere, so it’s different than being a movie, especially a drama,” Raini says. “It’s very quiet and slow-paced because you really want to get the perfect moment.” “Austin and Alley” has just started Season Two, so tune in on Disney Channel! “I’m super excited for that, and there’s going to be a lot more shenanigans, new songs and Trish’s new jobs,” Raini jokes.

Cierra shares advice to young actors and actresses pursuing their passion. “You’re going to have your share of no’s. I’ve had my share of no’s, but that should never stop you. [Rejection] is always going to be there, so just keep trying, and one day, it’ll happen.” First published @ ************************************************************************************************

KPF’s editor Ms Tara’s review : Girl in Progress is a MUST-SEE FOR MOTHERS. For daughters, however, I think the subject matter of Ansiedad’s steps to reaching maturity (and think about what usually happens in any “coming of age” film) is too much for any girl still in junior high or younger. Ansiedad may be 13 but I recommend for girls in high school and older.

Cierra Ramirez & Raini Rodriguez are GIRLs IN PROGRESS

Cierra Ramirez and Raini Rodriguez talk to KidsPickFlicks about growing up, stage fright and the difference between making a TV show and a movie, particularly their movie GIRL IN PROGRESS. @ www.KidspickFlicks

Harshest place on earth – To the Arctic

Director Greg MacGillivray carries a camera wherever he goes. He interviewed me about my opinion of To the Arctic on camera!

IMAX : To the Arctic

Not many people will ever have the chance to travel to the wild, forbidding, majestic Arctic. That is what makes this particular documentary so special, a 40-minute film that gives an intricate view including spectacular waterfalls, fantastic ice cliffs, and the clarity of the freezing ocean. Directed by veteran director Greg MacGillivray, who directed the award-winning documentary Everest, and written/produced by Stephen Judson, Warner Brothers presents the largest institutional launch in the history of IMAX: To the Arctic.

I was invited to attend the screening before the movie releases on April 20th (Friday). I had the honor to interview both Greg MacGillivray (director) and Steven Judson (writer/producer) about the film.

Greg told me about how he started a campaign called One World One Ocean, a non-profit foundation dedicated to teach people about the importance of the ocean. To The Arctic is the first movie presented in the One World One Ocean campaign.

Steven Judson has worked with MacGillivray for a long time, and explained the birth of the movie. “It occurred to [Greg] ten years ago that this would be a fantastic movie, largely because of the environment. We like to take people to environments that are difficult to get to otherwise and are visually striking. ”

To The Arctic is indeed stunning, brought to life thanks to the king of all 3D formats. “It feels like real life, unlike all the other digital projectors out there. That’s why people love the IMAX format,” said Greg.

The film certainly brings out the fierce loyalty of the mother polar bear and the playfulness of her adorable cubs. Greg and Stephen laughed as they talked about their challenges – polar bears were shy stars, evading the humans’ company. Another challenge was filming underwater, where the water would freeze if not for the salt in the ocean. The filmmakers also had trouble shooting in the cold.

“The cameras don’t like cold, the batteries hate it. The crew doesn’t like the cold either, especially when I wake them up super early,” Greg chuckled.

Even so, the notorious cold of the Arctic isn’t going to last for long. By 2050, it is predicted that the Arctic will disappear entirely due to global warming, and One World One Ocean is determined to surface the facts through media.

Stephen affirmed this point. He said that they were trying to use filmmaking as an educational tool, so that people pay attention and learn about the ocean through entertainment. Yet it’s not limited to just films, but through our favorite pastimes – namely, Facebook and other social media that teens like me are addicted to.

“From IMAX to iPhones, we’re going to do whatever it takes to get people to care about the ocean, starting with To The Arctic. It’s a movie that has a strong environmental message but also has a lot of heart to it.”

Judson emphasized that the Arctic isn’t as far away as you think. “We’re connected in more ways than you can imagine, and your generation is the most important. If you can be conscious of your own carbon footprint on the planet, your friends will see it, and slowly, it turns into a movement. If each one of us goes out of our way to conserve energy, it all adds up to saving the Arctic.”

Jeremy Hsiao, Cassandra Hsiao (Star Rapture), Director Greg MacGillivray

Cassandra Hsiao (Star Rapture) interviewed Stephen Judson (writer/producer)

Celebrate Earth Day by heading to the theaters this April 20. Visit to help save the Arctic!

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Trick-Or-Treat So Kids Can Eat on Halloween Night

小朋友萬聖做慈善 募捐食物罐頭

We went door-to-door around our neighborhood asking for donations of canned goods. ETTV America interviewed us !

Watch the videos :- (In Chinese)

華裔女生愛慈善 父母分享育兒經

We are supporting Operation DREAM :-


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