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DSC_2589No Boot Camp, Just Summer Camp for PERCY JACKSON’s Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario

In the fantasy-adventure movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, the son of Poseidon and his friends must work in tandem to save the world (again). The cast reveals that the best parts of making the movie included the opportunity to reunite with one another.

“It was like going back to summer camp a bit,” says Alexandra Daddario, who plays Percy’s crush, Annabeth. “It was great because you’re with your old friends so there’s a familiarity. You’re very comfortable around them and you have people to rely on and lean on if you’re having a bad day. Even if you’re having a good day you have someone to share it with.”

For the first movie, the cast had to go through “boot camp”, or a rigorous training course that prepared them for the extreme stunts. However, for this movie, the actors didn’t have to go through boot camp.

“On the first movie, it was our first time preparing for such a big action film, with all the wire work and fighting, so we did a lot of training,” says Logan Lerman, who plays Percy. “But getting into the second one felt pretty comfortable. It didn’t really need too much preliminary training but throughout the whole movie we’re constantly preparing for new fight scenes, wire scenes, flying scenes or water scenes.”

Percy Jackson and the Sea of MonstersThe cast shot on Lake Ponchartrain, located in Louisiana. Many scenes involved a lifeboat –Percy and Annabeth must cross the mystical and extremely dangerous Sea of Monsters, located in the Bermuda Triangle.

“We didn’t have to get wet, which was nice. But we were on the boat a lot and it was a pretty small boat. And it was really hot,” says Lerman. “It was in the summer time so it was just the heat. But other than that, it was beautiful.”

Daddario, laughing, adds that while filming, she learned she was prone to seasickness. Nevertheless, the cast had great fun revitalizing their characters even off-set. “In our downtime we learned a lot of the choreography. Our training before really helped us jump back into it,” Daddario says.

Hold on to your hats (or helmets, shields, and swords) and get swept away by the waves of adventure in this movie. Be prepared for all the action and mythological pandemonium in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, coming to theaters August 7!

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DSC_2591Leven Rambin & Alexandra Daddario: No Girly Girls in PERCY JACKSON

Fans of the popular Percy Jackson book series by author Rick Riordan will not be disappointed by the on-screen sequel. For starters, Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters incorporates Percy’s aggravating, but indispensable rival Clarisse, whose absence in the first movie riled many fans. In the movie, Percy’s frenemies, Clarisse and Annabeth are far from girly-girls. Even though the cast turned out to be a bit mismatched (blondie Leven Rambin plays brunette Clarisse, and brunette Alexandra Daddario plays blondie Annabeth), the two characters are tough fighters who kick-butt – and ever so often, one-up Percy.

“I put on that wig and changed my physicality a lot,” says Leven Rambin, who did not have to dye her hair, unlike co-star Daddario. “I felt a lot less inhibited and I felt down enough to be brash, powerful, strong. I kind of hid behind all this brown hair. It gave me the power and confidence to verbally rip [Percy].”

On the other hand, Daddario’s character shows her gentler, more sensitive facet in this movie. Daddario missed the aggressive nature of Annabeth. “In the first movie, Annabeth is very tough. I really loved doing that in the first movie and I’ve never done anything like that,” Daddario notes. “I think people are a combination of strength and weakness, but I loved that warrior side of her.”


Rambin discovered that even the daughter of war god Ares has her own vulnerable moments. “There were certain parts of the movie that Clarisse had soft spots for certain characters. In the end, she finally found the good in them and she saw their value as human beings – or half-bloods,” says Rambin. “I really enjoyed playing Clarisse. She’s kind of the reluctant team player here. There’s comedy in that she’s trying so hard to convince herself and everyone else that she knows what she’s doing when she doesn’t. I think that I would like to see Clarisse have a friend, or a love interest, or someone who finds her attractive, sweet and girly.”

But for now, Clarisse is still the feisty and gutsy competition that fans embraced from the book. In fact, Rambin read the book to understand her character on a deeper level. “I picked up the second book in which Clarisse is described as pigfaced, size XXL, and disgusting,” laughed Rambin. “So I tried to incorporate that. I wasn’t concerned about vanity and I wasn’t super body-conscious. I let myself fall into that because I didn’t want to feel like a pretty girl. I shut my eyes at certain parts, but reading did help me understand what the diehard fans are looking for.”

And fans won’t be disheartened. 

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DSC_2603Lerman, Jackson & Daddario: PERCY JACKSON is a Movie “This Generation Really Needs”

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters mixes Greek mythology with modern-day life. A team of demigods (human god hybrids) battle flesh-eating monsters and evil Titans in this epic sequel. Our half-blood protagonist, Percy, takes on a quest to rescue his friends and protect the place he loves the most – Camp Half-Blood.

Surprisingly, Percy has his own insecurities as well. “At the end of the first movie, we left with him being the hero and now, he’s not the hero anymore,” says Logan Lerman, who plays Percy. “He’s thinking that maybe it was just luck, it was just one time, so let me accept being an average demigod. And it’s human. That’s where we find him at the beginning of this film. He’s kind of down on himself.”

However, the characters’ doubts and flaws make the movie relevant to kids of all ages. “I think that it’s really, really hard to be a kid and it’s hard to grow up – we all know that’s true,” says Alexandra Daddario, who plays Annabeth. “The series shows that no matter what you’re going through, no matter what you’re struggling with, you can still succeed. You have amazing powers and you have amazing abilities despite all your weaknesses. I think that’s one of the reasons people love the series – it’s just a really relatable inspiring story.”


The fans are part of a generation that looks for good in the world around them. “I think young kids these days – it’s a cynical generation – need something good to believe in,” says Brandon T. Jackson, who portrays Grover, the satyr. “You don’t see too many books and films that have underlying tones and positive messages. To have the positive force that readers can take from this movie is inspiring and great for this generation because they really need it.”

Regarding the movie’s X-factor that draws such a large fan base, Lerman says, “There’s something really appealing. It’s about young people in extraordinary situations dealing with human issues. Problems. Flawed characters as well — none of our characters are perfect, but I guess that it’s the extraordinary situation and being young. Kids got to save the world. That’s crazy. That’s fun.”

Director Thor Freudenthal set character development as his number one priority. “I wanted to make sure that we put characters and actors first – otherwise they become spectators of spectacular window dressing. But the story is really about them,” he says. “Audiences can expect tons of fun, to laugh with the characters, to feel with the characters, to be emotionally involved and have a rip-roaring adventure spectacle that I think appeals to most audiences and varying age groups.”

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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters interview



Mindless Behavior : Around the World movie review

ImageAt last, what Mindless Behavior fans have been waiting for – the opportunity to experience the American boy band’s journey to stardom. All Around the World is their inspiring documentary that showcases talent, tears, laughter and insight into the story of how the teen sensations were put together at an open casting call. The band has sparked a “Mindless Movement” with their mix of R&B, pop, and hip-hop harmonies as well as their smooth, cool, slick dance moves.

Fans will be thrilled at the 86 minutes of what goes on behind-the-scenes of Mindless Behavior’s life. I went to the screening not knowing much about the band and their music. Now, I certainly respect and admire them for their dedication and passion for what they do.

The movie includes never-before-seen footage of band members Prodigy, Roc Royal, Princeton, and Ray Ray. As a documentary, it follows in the steps of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. It could even be a cut higher due to the fact that we see the band’s tears, laughter, hardships alongside success. The movie didn’t need fancy 3D to make viewers feel like they’re in a concert. I could already connect emotionally with Mindless Behavior. They’re simply talented, hardworking teenagers who are truly following their love of dance and music.

Videos and baby pictures of the band will make the theater coo “aww” and laugh out loud. I was impressed at the raw talent the band showed off even at the tender age of six, freestyle dancing their hearts out.

The movie follows how each of the members was recruited and concludes with their world tour. They all had to make big sacrifices to be a part of the band – from waking up at early hours, to rigorous workouts, to life on the road. I was even brought to tears (and so was my dad) at a certain poignant moment during MB’s tour.

All Around the World shows Mindless Behavior to be a dedicated band that works hard to give fans what they want. The documentary shows them spending time with their fans, inspiring them to be “mindless,” which is to be confident no matter who is watching. MB also reveals that before every performance, they huddle with the crew and pray for God’s blessings and favor.

The movie will surely unleash a wave of Mindlessness all around the world, making fans feel like they’re touring with Mindless Behavior. In fact, it might even make you “mindless!”

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KeKe Palmer interview

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Pirate of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides Black Carpet Interview

Scholastic News Kid Reporter Cassandra covers the premiere of the latest Pirate of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Would you risk your life for a sip from the Fountain of Youth? Find out some of the actors of the movie think! Also, learn about the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and how the organization benefited from the premiere.



On the Black Carpet of Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides World Premiere at Disneyland 5/7/11

I asked all the stars one main focus question of my interview– “If there was a Fountain of Youth in real life, would you risk your life to find it like Jack Sparrow?”

There were lots of Jack Sparrow look-alikes imitating the swagger and the gestures. But only one convinced even the press (“Johnny! One question, please!”) because he was dressed up like Johnny, not Jack Sparrow – old-fashioned suit, shades, hat, hair. But the press caught on quick. This Johnny arrived way too early!

Finally, the man of the hour arrived, signing autographs for his fans. You guessed it! The actual Johnny Depp. Depp talked to a few major outlets, and devoted the rest of his time on the black carpet to his fans.

The press called to Depp with no response until one smart reporter yelled in her megaphone, catching Depp’s attention. He turned around and waved at the press!

Soon Depp took a shortcut to the Rivers of America where Disney hoisted up a screen (6 stories high and 9 stories wide) on Tom Sawyer’s Island to show the 3D adventure of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Depp probably didn’t stay for the screening where each ticket cost $1,000 and

Johnny Depp waved at us – The Press line

all of the money went to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He probably left right after he spoke to his fans with co-stars, producers, and directors. (Johnny Depp doesn’t like to see himself act.)

After Depp left the carpet, fans began to leave the bleachers. Making sure I still had my pirate loot (skull necklaces) and pirate-themed Mickey ear hat that Disney gave out for free, we left the black carpet with our escort (Yes, every outlet had a Disney escort) and exited Disneyland. What a (black) night to remember!

Robbie Kay (Cabin Boy)

Ian McShane (Blackbeard)

Geoffrey Rush (Barbossa)

Kevin R.McNally (Gibbs)

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On the Pink Carpet of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure

Ashley Tisdale

On the Pink Carpet with Sharpay Evans

A Fabulous Adventure Spin-off from High School Musical

Blu-Ray™ & DVD release of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure on April 19th

Running time : 88 minutes

It was all about the pink at the premiere of the High School Musical followup, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure.Ashley Tisdale returns to her role of Sharpay Evans—a scheming, spoiled, talented diva—in this DVD released April 19. One of her dreams is to star on Broadway and so Sharpay makes her way to New York in pursuit of the ultimate goal: her name in lights!Actor Alec Mapa, who plays a Broadway director in the movie, described what comes to mind when he watches the movie.

moment that she grows up. She realizes who she is as a young woman and what she has to do to follow her dreams.”

But someone is out to make sure Sharpay fails. Amber Lee Adams, who is played by Cameron Goodman, is a cunning, rising young star on Broadway who is dead set on crushing the competition. In real life, she sees the movie as her own dream come true.

“I love High School Musical and I’m not going to lie, I cried a few times tonight,” she toldScholastic News. “Now I’ve started to cry again. I feel like God was listening to me when I prayed.”

For Tisdale, Sharpay’s fabulous adventure is also her own.

“I can definitely relate to Sharpay [in pursuing her dreams],” she said. “I had a dream, and that’s why I came to LA. That’s why I’m living my dreams right now.”

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Justin Bieber “Never Say Never” Movie Premiere

Justin Bieber with Scholastic Kid Reporter Cassandra Hsiao

Canadian singing phenom takes over Los Angeles. Next stop: The World!

Canadian singing phenom takes over Los Angeles. Next stop: The World!

Has anyone ever told you to stop dreaming, it’ll never happen? Well, here’s what Justin Bieber has to say about that: Never Say Never!

My dream certainly came true when my Scholastic editor sent me an email asking if I was interested in covering the red carpet premiere of the Justin Bieber documentaryNever Say Never. I immediately screamed out loud and jumped with joy, turning the whole house upside down. I was on top of the world!

Finally, after much anticipation and preparation, the day of the premiere was here. My heart was pounding as I took my place behind the rope line on Tuesday afternoon. In one hour, Justin Bieber, along with other stars coming to see the movie, would be walking down the red carpet, or in this case, the purple carpet! (Purple is Justin’s favorite color.)

Posters were everywhere and fans were screaming at the cameras. The sound was deafening. I knew I was in the middle of Bieber Fever just by the sheer volume of the shreeks.

Teenage girls wore shirts that read, “I LUV JB,” and “Marry me, Justin!” Suddenly, the loud speakers played Justin Bieber’s hit song, “Baby,” and fans began singing along to the lyrics. They cried, screamed, and laughed as they shook with the Fever!

Before I knew it, the stars had arrived. The publicists were very friendly and brought actors and actresses to my spot on the rope line to talk to me. I interviewed the boy band Allstar Weekend, Debby Ryan from Suite Life on Deck, Bradley Steven Perry fromGood Luck Charlie, and Madeline Carroll from The Spy Next Door and Flipped.

“Keep reading,” said Zachary Gordon from Diary of a Wimpy Kid when I asked him what he would like to tell Scholastic News readers. “You always learn a life lesson from every book you read.”

I also caught a glimpse of Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. After each interview, I’d say to myself, “Did I really just interview that person?!” I had a blast hanging out with the stars!

Finally, Justin Bieber was heading my direction. The reporters around me told me I might only get to ask him one question, so I chose my favorite one. Justin gave me his full attention, and I hurriedly asked my question before they moved him away.

Reporters were squeezed all around me, trying to get a good shot of Justin. I tried to take in everything at once. It all happened in a flash, but I got two questions in. I found out we have one thing in common—we both do household chores!

The cast and crew also came my way. Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager, was just like Justin described in his book First Step 2 Forever—excited, funny, and super friendly. I asked him what he saw as the greatest growth in Justin.

“He’s becoming a man,” Scooter told me. “It’s not just about how he handles his success, but he also handles his failures very well.”

Dan Cutforth, one of the producers of Never Say Never, described Biebermania.

“If you hold your microphone in the air, and say Justin’s coming, you’ll see it first hand,” he explained. “It’s just some sort of strange power that overtakes crowds of teenage girls. It’s simply a phenomenon.”

It was a fantastic, amazing night that I’ll never forget. Check out my video interview with the stars on the purple carpet! But be careful. You could catch the fever, too!

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