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As My Pen Touches Paper

As my pen touches paper
I have a sudden burst
of inspiration
flowing forth like a waterfall
flowers blossoming
petals soft to the touch
tips splashed with white
a beautiful sunset
a colorful rainbow

The artist splashes
the canvas with color
gentle strokes of a paintbrush
a soft feel to the feathers
the tips laced with white
a waterfall of renewal
overflowing with feeling

The sky is suddenly filled
with soft, colorful clouds
heavenly light
shines through open space
white light
transforms into colors
at the other end

the ocean roars
loud in my ears
tips of the wave
are crested with white
the sun reflects
colors off
the shimmering surface
of the sparkling sea

I see flowers, waterfalls, a
a canvas, an ocean.
what do you see
as my pen touches paper?

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