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The Odd Life of Timothy Green Review: “Odd” “Whimsical” “Enchanting”

Reviewed by Star Reporter Cassandra H    August 07, 2012

5 Stars

Earthy and ethereal at the same time, this feel-good Disney summer movie directed by Peter Hedges will sweep you off your feet. You may not have heard much about this film, but it is certainly a true gem that I didn’t expect.

Cindy and Jim Green (Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton), a married couple, bury a box of their greatest wishes for their dream child, expecting to move on after finding Cindy cannot conceive. However, when a young quirky boy Timothy Green (CJ Adams) magically sprouts from the garden, Cindy and Jim along with the rest of their small town of Stanleyville realize that the unexpected is a miracle that must be cherished.

This “dramedy” gracefully switches gears between two emotions, which had me laughing heartily one moment and sniffling in the next. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the family and root for the Greens to succeed through the joys and sorrows of life.

Timothy Green is not just a force of nature, but he brings a breeze of tender feeling that parents can relate to. Cindy and Jim aren’t perfect parents, but they shine light on a different perspective of parenthood: they don’t want their child to be perfect, but they want his childhood to be perfect.

As for the leading cast, Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton’s on-screen chemistry is believable as the blundering, loving, and humorous Green couple. CJ Adams (Timothy Green) has a special twinkle in his eyes that is innocent, silly, and touching, capturing my heart from the start.

The fantastic supporting cast presents the town’s citizens as real, down-to-earth people who each have their own faults – a reality rarely reflected in a magical tale.

One especially stood out to me – newcomer Odeya Rush plays Timothy’s love interest, Joni Jerome, bringing a certain vibrancy and radiance to her character. Their friendship is a refreshing break from Hollywood’s shallow puppy-love romances.

Along with the splendid performances, I was also enchanted by the enthralling cinematography which will move audiences with marvelous shots of nature that showcase the visual analysis of the plot. The picturesque natural color palette astounded me as well.

This quiet little movie is directed towards parents, although the whole family can enjoy it together. The movie addresses many heartwarming themes, such as loyalty, honesty, and accepting others for who they are. Timothy brings out the best in others, and hopefully this movie will do the same. Younger viewers may not relate to the story, but teens, mom, and dad can walk out of the theater inspired to live a life worth living.

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Pirate of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides Black Carpet Interview

Scholastic News Kid Reporter Cassandra covers the premiere of the latest Pirate of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Would you risk your life for a sip from the Fountain of Youth? Find out some of the actors of the movie think! Also, learn about the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and how the organization benefited from the premiere.



On the Black Carpet of Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides World Premiere at Disneyland 5/7/11

I asked all the stars one main focus question of my interview– “If there was a Fountain of Youth in real life, would you risk your life to find it like Jack Sparrow?”

There were lots of Jack Sparrow look-alikes imitating the swagger and the gestures. But only one convinced even the press (“Johnny! One question, please!”) because he was dressed up like Johnny, not Jack Sparrow – old-fashioned suit, shades, hat, hair. But the press caught on quick. This Johnny arrived way too early!

Finally, the man of the hour arrived, signing autographs for his fans. You guessed it! The actual Johnny Depp. Depp talked to a few major outlets, and devoted the rest of his time on the black carpet to his fans.

The press called to Depp with no response until one smart reporter yelled in her megaphone, catching Depp’s attention. He turned around and waved at the press!

Soon Depp took a shortcut to the Rivers of America where Disney hoisted up a screen (6 stories high and 9 stories wide) on Tom Sawyer’s Island to show the 3D adventure of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Depp probably didn’t stay for the screening where each ticket cost $1,000 and

Johnny Depp waved at us – The Press line

all of the money went to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He probably left right after he spoke to his fans with co-stars, producers, and directors. (Johnny Depp doesn’t like to see himself act.)

After Depp left the carpet, fans began to leave the bleachers. Making sure I still had my pirate loot (skull necklaces) and pirate-themed Mickey ear hat that Disney gave out for free, we left the black carpet with our escort (Yes, every outlet had a Disney escort) and exited Disneyland. What a (black) night to remember!

Robbie Kay (Cabin Boy)

Ian McShane (Blackbeard)

Geoffrey Rush (Barbossa)

Kevin R.McNally (Gibbs)

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