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Favorites of 2011

The year went by so fast and I’m surprised at the number of books that I read: too few for my liking. Here are some of my favorite books for ages 11-16 that I read or reread in 2011. Check out my reviews for Anne of Green Gable , Gifted Hands, The Throne of Fire, Little Women & Little Men, The Hunger Games, Century for Young People, and The Bronze Bow Leave a comment about your favorites of 2011!

Book Review: The Throne of Fire

The Throne of Fire

Author: Rick Riordan

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Age range: 8 – 12

By Cassandra Hsiao

Author Rick Riordan has done it again, weaving together a tale of magic in this second installment of the Kane Chronicles. The Kanes are back in “The Throne of Fire”, and this time they have to save the world from the Chaos snake, Apophis. Following up the Kanes’ adventures in “The Red Pyramid”, Rick Riordan inserts Egyptian gods and myths into modern times.

Narrated by two different voices, Sadie and Carter Kane, “The Throne of Fire” tells of the Kanes’ journey down the rivers of self-discovery and friendship. To defeat Apophis, they must awaken the sun god Ra by searching for three different scrolls hidden all over the world. Speaking the spell to awaken Ra while battling the first and third most powerful magicians would be a feat no magician has ever attempted.

“The Throne of Fire” will whisk you along with the Kanes on their adventures through the rivers of the Duat, or the magical realms. Along with introducing an unforgettable cast of new characters, Riordan spins humor and adventure into one fantastic ride. Perfectly paced, the story moved me into tears and laughter as well. Readers are advised to read “The Red Pyramid” before “The Throne of Fire” to gain a better understanding of Egyptian mythology and history. Riordan’s novels are based on mythological stories and historical facts, embroidered with fictional characters and events.

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, we see Percy and his friends grow up and mature after every adventure. Yet in “The Throne of Fire,” Sadie is only 13 years old, and she has crushes in the modern and mythical world. Although Carter is 14 years old, he still seems a bit young to go on a quest to find his love. If the Kane siblings were older, it would make much more sense.

This novel will strike a fire in readers’ hearts, capturing their minds with a net and never letting go. Fans will no doubt read and reread the Kane Chronicles until the third book of this trilogy is released in Spring 2012. Filled with heart, action, and jocularity, “The Throne of Fire” will transform even the most hesitant readers into voracious devotees of Riordan.

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