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My Favorite Movies of 2011

I’ve watched so many movies this past year of 2011. I thank God for giving me such great opportunities to write movie reviews for KidsPickFlicks and Scholastic Kids Press Corps. These were some of my favorite movies that came out in 2011: You can read my movie reviews for Soul Surfer, Arthur Christmas, Dolphin Tale, Born to Be Wild, War Horse,  Hugo,  Winnie the Pooh,  Courageous,  On Stranger Tides,  We Bought a Zoo,  Adventures of Tin Tin, The Help, Mr Popper’s Penguins, Mars Needs Moms,  Monte Carlo


“Huny” For the Child in Our Hearts


Winnie the Pooh the movie

Grade A

Stars :  John Cleese, Jim Cummings, Tom Kenny, Craig Ferguson, Bud Luckey, Travis Oates, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Wyatt Hall

Rated G           Theatrical release: July 15, 2011

Everybody loves a certain “silly old bear” and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. Christopher Robin and his stuffed animals have been in Walt Disney’s studios for more than 35 years. Toddlers and young children discovered Winnie the Pooh on television while tweens, teens and even adults have read the classic book by A. A. Milne. Now Disney has finally brought Pooh’s adventures to the big-screen.

Pooh, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Piglet, Owl, and Rabbit all go on a quest to find and rescue Christopher Robin from a mysterious and imaginary “backson” due to Owl’s misleading interpretation. Throughout the movie, they also try to find Eeyore’s tail, while Pooh tries to calm his tummy by searching for “huny.”

I beg to differ if your first thought consists of these words: “nope”, “that’s for little kids” or the phrase, “I have already out-grown Winnie the Pooh.” None of us can ever forget the magic of Disney. Pooh Bear is hidden deep down in everyone of us, and watching this movie will bring out the joy again – uncovering the imaginative child that has been buried by our practical, technical, and busy world. Although this movie mostly appeals to younger kids, there is a deep and significant message about friendship.

Pooh and Piglet are the sweetest and most innocent characters on earth. I was touched by Pooh’s reaction to Piglet’s futile but angelic attempts to rescue his friends out of a deep hole. Pooh is patient, loving and kind while Rabbit is compulsive and frustrated by Piglet’s innocence. There are many adorable, cute, and laugh-out-loud moments throughout the entire movie. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the characters – even including the gloomy and pessimistic Eeyore – although I wish Disney put more scenes of Kanga and Roo in the movie.

This sweet, lovable and pure movie is definitely worth the price of a movie ticket. If this movie still does not appeal to the innocent, unspoiled spot that is buried however deep even in the worst of us, this quote should set you on the right track to the movie theater: “I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty.” – Walter Elias Disney

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Movie Review by Jeremy (8 years old)

Winnie the Pooh is a fun movie. I laughed my head off throughout the movie. Winnie the Pooh is a very clean movie, with no bad words. It is extremely funny, mirthful and jovial.

In this movie Eeyore loses his tail, and they have a contest to see who can find a new tail. To find out who is the winner of the contest, watch it for yourself!

I read Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne when I was in first grade. I love both books. In the movie, my favorite character is Piglet. He is helpful, resourceful, a team player, and tremendously funny. Owl knows the most words and is smarter than the rest of them. He thinks he is a genius but I think he is verbose and he gets Pooh, Piglet and the rest of the characters in trouble. As for Tigger, he is bouncy, full of energy and fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.

Winnie the Pooh movie is full of talking animals with lovable personalities with humor. This fantastic movie is suitable for all ages. Winnie the Pooh the movie is a Pick it.

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